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Check out the 2007 Sep/Oct issue of Northwest Home + Garden Magazine to see Robert's salmon ladder. Sep/Oct '07

After much mystery and rumor, the wait is over... You can now purchase my (me being Robert) amputated left middle finger.
Well, you know, not the actual finger but a plastic cast of the finger. Oh, but it doesn't end there.
It comes with your choice of either a Bottle Opener or a Key Chain cast into the severed end of it.
Take a look.

I have added a Photography gallery to this website. It contains three sub-galleries: NUDES, TRAVEL and OTHER.
The NUDES gallery contains artistic nude photographs, and is password protected.
Access will have to be requested of me via email, and approved at my discretion.
The OTHER gallery is open to all. It contains... everything else.
The TRAVEL gallery is still under construction. Sorry.
All galleries will likely be frequently updated.


"RetroSpectrum" a solo exhibition of Sculpture and Photography by Robert MacDonald was shown at ArtCore Studios in November and December of 2003.

Robert's work for "Stephen King's Rose Red" mini-series graces the cover of the DVD and Video, as well as the paperback version of "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer".
The little cherubic faun, shown on both covers, was one of the elements we sculpted for the production.
Rose Red DVD Rose Red Book
DVD Image © Lion's Gate Entertainment. Book cover © Hyperion Books.

"Stephen King's: Rose Red" mini-series aired on ABC Sunday, January 27th, Monday the 28th and concluded Thursday the 31st 2002. Please check out our commercial gallery for pictures of some of the cool stuff we did for the production, for instance the Ellen Rimbauer statue we did for the movie.

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