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The wait is over. You can now buy products made from my AMPUTATED FINGER!!!
Lucky You!

My (me being Robert) finger was injured in 1998, and after several surgical attempts to save it, it was amputated in 1999.
And I kept it. So, what does one do with ones' own severed finger? It seemed pretty obvious to me;
bottle openers, key chains... and whatever else I might think of. Any suggestions?

Bottle Opener
Amputated Finger Bottle Opener: $7.99
Below are pictured the Key Chain in white (left), the actual finger(top middle) the master cast of said finger
(bottom middle) and a red bottle opener (right).
Finger key chain fingers Red bottle opener
Amputated Finger Key Chain: $7.99
Bottle Openers and Key Chains can be purchased for the low, low cost of $7.99 each.
Remember these are custom made in urethane plastic... by li'l old me. You can't get them anywhere else.
It's my finger... nobody else has my severed finger.

We also offer Art Horse Studio t-shirts and hats for sale.
The shirts are silk screened with six different screens on black, 100% premium cotton, t-shirts.
They show the STRIKING and GORGEOUS Art Horse Studio logo that was designed and painted
here at Art horse Studio.
All silkscreening and embroidering is done here in the USA... well here in Seattle to be more precise.
Only $15, the shirt, not the model Chris, Hefe and Dan
Look how happy they make people. "Hefe" glows with pride,... still glowing at right with Chris (left), and Dan (right).
T-shirts: $15.00 sizes S, M, L & XL.

Only $20 Only $20
Black Uni-Fit w/ stacked bill: $20.00 sizes S/M or L/XL.

Only $16 Only $16
Washed black w/ leather bill: $16.00 adjustable to any size.

Only $14 Only $14
Washed black hat: $14.00 adjustable to any size.
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If you prefer not to make purchaes via the internet feel free to email your order to me.

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