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Robert MacDonald
At the tender age of 15 Robbie MacDonald ran up against the spirited soul of Rich Conover. As his "Art Teacher" (furthermore referred to as Mentor) Rich would confuse, frustrate and ultimately guide Robbie onto a path of artistic exploration. Rich “took the pretension out of art and made it real and tangible”. And in little more than two years helped him transform form a wannabe comic book illustrator lacking the confidence to actually pursue this dream into a South Whidbey High School senior proposing that said High School commission him to create an original bronze sculpture that questioned the thoroughness and quality of his institutional education thus far...They did.

Robbie began “…It was too late, I was already hungry.” during his senior year of H.S. and completed the sculpture the summer after graduating, under an apprenticeship with local bronze sculptor Georgia Gerber; the first apprenticeship she'd ever taken on.

Robbie turned down a scholarship to Cornish College of Fine Arts to work at DillonWorks! Inc., a custom fabrication firm specializing in custom art for commercial application. Robert helped the company grow quickly as lead of the Sculpting shop, and considers the nine years he spent there as his formal schooling.

In December of 1999 Robert formed Art Horse Studio Inc. The diversity of experience and product knowledge gained from working as a professional sculptor since the age of 17 has put Robert at the top of his field, able to create anything in any Style, Medium or Scale. Former employer Mike Dillon, owner of DillonWorks! Inc., called Robert "The best Sculptor in the region."

Robert's impetus to form Art horse Studio was to provide an environment that he could be more discerning in the choice of commercial work he took on and most importantly to enable him to make time to create his own Fine Art. In that time Robert has had multiple professional gallery shows exhibiting both his Sculptural and Photographic works.

Stay tuned! There will be more.

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